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Nikon D750 astro modified (standard modification)

Nikon D810 astro modified (standard modification)

remote shutter release


Lens: Sigma 50mm / f1.4 DG HSM Nikon Art

Lens: Samyang 135mm f/2.0 ED UMC, Nikon Fit

Lens: Samyang 14mm/f2.8 for Nikon 

Lens: Sigma 28mm/f1.4 for Nikon Art


Star tracker: iOptron Sky Guider Pro on the iOptron tripod

Telescope: William Optics ZenithStar 73/430 with a field flattener


Syrp Genie Mini motion control device for creating panoramas


Optolong Clear Sky Filter 77mm

Astronomik H-alpha 12nm Clip-in filter for Nikon XL

Astronomik OIII 12nm 2” Filter

KASE Neutral Night Astro Filter 77mm

KASE Precision Focus Tool Astro 77mm

Egor Goryachev - Gear used for astrophotography
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